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The Men’s Anti-violence Network of Utah has a vision. we want to see a Utah – and an America – that is completely free of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other kinds of interpersonal violence.

Want to do something positive to help prevent interpersonal violence?

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About Us

The Men’s Anti-violence Network of Utah (MAN) was formed in 2007 by men concerned about continuing interpersonal violence in Utah and wanting to do something to make the state safer. Today, MAN of Utah continues to grow its membership and is working closely with the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA), the Utah Domestic Violence Council (UDVC), the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) and other partners to prevent interpersonal violence in Utah.

MAN charges no dues to its members. We are supported by public grants and private contributions from businesses, foundations and individuals. MAN of Utah is not affiliated with any national organization.

MAN’s mission is to end domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other forms of interpersonal violence in Utah by increasing public awareness of violence issues, actively engaging men in prevention efforts, advocating for more effective anti-violence policy, and ensuring that males of all ages understand appropriate male behaviors.


MAN’s goals are to help facilitate the following changes in Utah:

  • Men will better recognize that violence is not an effective form of violence management, and will behave more appropriately towards other men, women and children.
  • Men will take a leadership role in promoting respect and support for other men, women and children; and will effectively intervene when they are bystanders to potentially violent situations.
  • Men will fulfill their leadership roles in teaching boys that real strength comes through valuing, respecting and supporting others.
  • Men will help facilitate stronger anti-violence legislation and other public policy solutions.

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Upcoming Events

May 30th, 2015

Stepping Up: Communities Against Violence 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

Liberty Park, 589 East 1300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah

9 am

It's time to get out those running shoes! The Salt Lake Domestic Violence Coalition is sponsoring its 3rd annual Stepping Up: Communities Against Violence 5k race and fun run on May 30, at 9:00 am at beautiful Liberty Park. The race theme this year is ‘Honoring Domestic Violence Fatality Victims.’ Many of SLDVC's community partners will be there to help with public awareness efforts. The event will include lots of food, fun, raffle prizes and even an awesome, live band – Highway 89. 

Registration will also include lunch and a t-shirt.. Strollers and pets are welcome.  Bring the whole family...and join SLDVC and MAN on May 30!  Register at http://www.sldvc.org/upcoming-events/ or visit them on Facebook at /www.facebook.com/steppingup5k.  

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  • Veronica ZavalaSalt Lake City/84123
  • Charles CraneVernal
  • Ken Dewlen Layton, Utah
  • Brian SavageSouth Jordan
  • John ThompsonLogan, Utah
  • Craig Wilkerson JR.south Jordan
  • Tyler TalbotSalt Lake City, Utah
  • Ash FreitasUtah
  • Garrett NagaishiDiamond Bar, CA
  • Eric R. OlsenLogan Ut
  • Brett DickisonCedar City Utah
  • Jerry RoederCedar City
  • Zane HarkerProvo, UT
  • Daniel LemleyOrem, Ut
  • Jackson MurphyBountiful Utah
  • Rodney BurlesonWest Haven, Ut
  • Cody StangerSouth Weber, Utah
  • Sam HeningerLogan, UT
  • Rob ButtersSalt Lake City
  • David BrowerSLC, UT
  • Ben ReavesEagle Mountain, Utah
  • Chrisian SchellerHunstville Utah
  • Gary SchellerHuntsville, Utah
  • Brent HyerLogan
  • Tyler CheneySalt Lake City
  • Nicole AndersonMurray, Utah
  • SarahAnn WhitbeckSalt Lake City, Utah
  • Susi Feltch-Malohifo'ouSalt Lake City, Utah
  • Simione Malohifo'ouWest Valley City, Utah
  • Todd DavidsonLogan, Ut
  • John CroftsLayton, Utah
  • Becky McKinnonBountiful, Utah
  • Cindy Powell1600 West 2200 South, Suite 202
  • Spencer Oliphant Logan Utah
  • tairon kimuralogan utah
  • Philip BarrProvo, Utah
  • Warren BaileyLogan
  • Ian HancockLogan Utah
  • JAYSON HALETruckee, CA
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Do you want to do something positive in the effort to prevent interpersonal violence? You can start by taking the MAN Pledge!

When you take the MAN Pledge, you tell the world that you respect others and are committed to building healthy reltationships. You demonstrate to friends, neighbors and family that being strong does not have to include interpersonal violence as a way to resolve conflicts. You show those around you that you are willing to intervene to prevent a violent situation. And you signal to victims that they can count on you for support.

Are you willing to publicly take a stand against interpersonal violence? Then take the MAN Pledge today.

Our goal is to get 1000 Utah men to sign the pledge. Join us today. And encourage your friends to do the same.

I Recognize as a Man That...

Healthy relationships are based on respect for others, and conflict can be managed effectively without ever resorting to violence.

Interpersonal violence in all forms is unacceptable, and those who commit violence should face consequences for their choices.

Both women and men are victims and survivors of interpersonal violence.

United with women, men can reduce and eventually eliminate violence against women and men.

I am a better man when I place respect and compassion foremost in my relationships with others.

I can make a positive difference in the lives of family, friends, and others through my words and actions.


I, [Your Name Here], pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or other forms of violence against women, men and children.

I, [Your Name Here], will encourage men and mentor boys to live violence-free, and I will work together with other men and women to end all interpersonal violence.